7 Pitching Command Killers

Hope you enjoy my thoughts on these 7 pitching command killers.   There are certainly lots of opinions and theories on this matter, however I have formed a collective amount of empirical data and evidence, as well as trial and error over the course of many years to reach conclusions

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How Can Pitchers Improve Homerun Rates?

Optimal Pitcher Response to Baseball’s Power Surge: A Data-Driven Approach from Major League Baseball Brad Woodfield NCAA I Pitcher, Lafayette College University of Chicago MBA `18 There is overwhelming evidence of increasing importance of the home run in Major League Baseball. Teams’ offenses are more leveraged on the home run

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Can’t Throw Any Harder? Reached A Hard Velocity Limit?

Contrary to some thought out there, every person will at some point reach a hard limit on velocity. If everyone was capable fo throwing 100mph, we all would, especially if it was PROVEN through correct training and immense hard work…there’s no magic bullet however contrary to the velocity business machine, that

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Pro Umpire Q&A with Brian Hertzog

Brian Hertzog umpired nine seasons in professional baseball from Single-A to Triple-A across the Pioneer, South Atlantic, California, Arizona Instructional, Texas, Venezuela Winter, and Pacific Coast League.     Q1. How did you decide you wanted to become a professional umpire? Did you have an “aha” moment?   I’ve never

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Catcher and Bullpens

Have a look at how you are examining your locations in your bullpen. It’s great if you are trying to throw to corners, but you need your catcher to be in good positions for your mind to connect visually to the end goal. Here’s some advice for your practice.